About the Chinatown Food Street Envisioning Project
Chinatown Food Street, located along Smith Street, is the only al fresco street dining venue in Singapore located within a heritage district flanked by conservation shophouses. It first commenced operations in November 2001, about 10 years ago.
Since then, several new food concepts have emerged in Singapore and the area around Chinatown Food Street has also evolved. For Chinatown Food Street to continue to stay attractive and relevant for everyone, we had invited the public to give their feedback on the proposed design concepts for the area.
The Request for Business Proposal
The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Chinatown Business Association (CBA) had earlier launched a 'Request for Business Proposal' as an opportunity for industry players to present options to enhance Chinatown Food Street.

The three proposals received and presented in this website served to provide ideas to the public to start thinking on the elements and experiences that they would like to see at the enhanced Chinatown Food Street. The concepts shown were not exhaustive or final, and we welcomed ideas and feedback beyond what was presented.

Thank you for your feedback
The STB and CBA would like to thank you for participating in this shared effort to envision Chinatown Food Street. Your feedback will influence the future of Food Street, as it will determine the next stage of the "Request for Business Proposal" for a company to be appointed.
The survey has concluded and we thank you for your participation!
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