Concept Gallery
As part of envisioning the new Chinatown Food Street, the following three design concepts were submitted. Feedback on these concepts was solicited through this website, public exhibitions as well as focus groups.
A Multi-Sensory Experience of Chinese Culinary Delights & Heritage
A multi-sensorial experience, centered on food, which captures the diversity and rich heritage of Chinese culture. The new Food Street will:
Put Food First
  • Tantalize the taste buds by showcasing the distinct and delicious cuisines of different Chinese dialect groups - Cantonese, Foochow, Hainan, Hakka, Henghua, Hokien, Nyonya and Teochew.
  • Bring back the traditional food streets of Chinatown with its mobile stalls and street cooking, where one can experience food as theatre!
Provide a Holistic Food Culture
  • Create a culinary museum that tells the story of the Chinese in Singapore through their food cultures
  • Propose food related activities including - a Chinese cooking school, private dining halls, culinary book shops, food tours, cooking demonstrations, kitchen product shops and souvenirs, "sauce bar"
Showcase Chinese Culture
  • Create a visually stimulating ambience inspired by the historical street markets and architecture of Chinatown
  • Put on exciting cultural street performances linked to the Chinese festivals
Brightening the Chinatown Experience with Food, People, Attractiveness & Life
Light Up a New Desire
The new Chinatown Food Street is not just about food. It is about packaging the history and heritage of the original Chinatown street food culture and the lifestyles of the old community and tenants in the vicinity. The bustle and hustle, noise, tradesman, food, song, wine, arts and craft - all, in one street and made relevant for a new generation.

It should revive the retro street beer garden concept in Chinatown that Singapore have forgotten and complement the surrounding offerings. The LED light up highlights the conservation buildings and evolving artistic energy of the community. It will also be an iconic Singapore photo opp.

Food should be for all Singaporeans, as well as for our foreign friends. This concept targets a new generation of Singaporeans, the Chinese Diaspora and International Visitors plus gives the weary Chinatown visitor new compelling reasons to re-visit.
"Let's All Eat!"
Best Singapore Food on One Street
This Chinatown Food Street concept is inspired by Chinatown's historical development, the culture and traditions of the Chinese community, Singapore's multi-cultural heritage and Singapore as a leading global city in Asia.

("Let's All Eat!") is an invitation to all Singaporeans and visitors to gather and bond over a meal at Chinatown Food Street. Eating together is an important aspect of Chinese culture to promote harmony among family and friends. At the dinner table, the younger members will greet the elders and guests as a mark of respect.

As the home for early Chinese immigrants who came from various provinces in China, we will showcase the cuisine, language, traditional customs and festive celebrations of the different Chinese dialect groups in Chinatown.

To celebrate Chinatown and Singapore's multi-ethnic personality, we will serve the best of Singapore food that Chinese and non-Chinese can enjoy together under one roof!