Enak Fritters


Better known as Goreng Pisang, banana fritters at Chinatown Enak Fritters are coated with a light crispy coat of batter, every bite reveals an irresitably creamy and yet sweetly caramelized banana filling. This stall also sells a variety of fried snacks including Fried Cempedak, Fried Yam and Green Bean Cake.

炸香蕉被新加坡人广称为 Goreng Pisang。这摊位的炸香蕉有着酥脆的金黄色外衣,每一口都散发着一股令人回味无穷的香味。在这,食客也能吃到其他种类的炸水果,包括炸菠萝蜜,炸芋头和绿豆糕等。


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