Koo Kee


Famous for its signature thin and flat egg noodles with minced meat and home-made Yong Tau Foo, Koo Kee’s history goes way back to 1954 when its founder started selling the specialty along the streets of Chinatown. Now, Koo Kee is back in Chinatown Food Street with their first hybrid concept featuring 2 brands of Gao Ji Food under one roof – Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee and Steamed Gourmet.

以客家酿豆腐闻名的高记酿豆腐,早期开业于牛车水。早在 1954 年,高记的创始人就在牛车水售卖他的自制酿豆腐。60 年来, 高记酿豆腐已远近驰名的自制酿豆腐和一碗配加独特肉碎的特制干面条虏获许多人的芳心。


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