Be tempted with the sticks of mouth-watering Satay at this stall where you can catch the chef in action barbecueing the Satays over an open-flamed charcoal fire and carefully brushing it with oil to give it a well-browned glaze. Eat it with a dip of sweet and spicy peanut sauce as well as the accompanying chopped onion, cucumber and ketupat (Malay rice cakes).

用木炭烧烤而成的沙爹呈现出微焦的金黃色,可说是令人垂涎三尺。把沙爹粘上又甜又辣的花生酱, 再配搭上切碎的洋葱,黄瓜及马来米粽一起吃,风味独特。


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