Fish Head Bee Hun

荷兰村 XO 鱼头米粉酒楼

Touted as the first restaurant in Singapore to serve the X.O. fish soup some 16 years ago, Holland Village X.O. Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant uses only the best grade of X.O. with the freshest of ingredients. The result is a tasty and comforting bowl of fish soup with an extra X.O. kick

早在十六年前,老板就自创了这道 X.O. 鱼头米粉,成为新加坡第一家收买 X.O. 鱼头米粉的餐厅。这里的 X.O. 鱼头米粉使用了最顶级的 XO 和最新鲜的食材,煮出来的鱼头米粉都格外美味。

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